“Big Mack” Christy Miller, Gangster, Hangs Self.

Death by Hanging

Christy Miller commits suicide by hanging himself in Albany County Jail

“Big Mack” Christy Miller was arrested in connection for the murder of John Dunlap in August 1936 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Later he was indicted under a “John Doe” warrant for participation in the O’Connell kidnapping.

In 1937, federal authorities took over the murder charge. He was taken to Albany County Jail as a material witness to the O’Connell kidnapping. Thirty-five minutes after a bed check in the witness protection section of the Albany County Jail on February 13, 1937, guards found Miller hanging from a bed sheet tied to the overhead bars.

It’s speculated that since other members of the kidnap gang and Waxy Gordon mob had been arrested and given 77-year prison terms, that he couldn’t face a life in prison.


Full-face individual, with a ruddy florid complexion and weighed 230 pounds. He dressed poorly (he was a slob) with the excess belt hanging from his waist and wore a girdle due to a hernia. He had a double chin and parentheses lines on both sides of his mouth. An abscess scar was on the left side of his chin.

He had a crown of brown hair, thin on top pompadour style. He had one gold tooth on the upper left side and three missing teeth on the upper right. He often had a cigarette dangling from his lower lip when he talked held in place by his missing teeth.

His wife was Minnie Borrone Miller and had two children named Michael and Evelyn.

He had two sisters one named Mrs. Edward Davin and the other was Mrs. Arthur Balletti

He had one brother named Fredrick.


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