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James Dunn was born in Albany, NY and graduated in 1970 from Bethlehem Central School in Delmar, New York. He earned a Master's Degree from Central Michigan University and served in the military before retiring as a decorated Lieutenant Colonel with Command Pilot wings from the Air Force. He flew the skies an airline captain with American Airlines before retiring in 2017.

September 2018

Ransom Note Answers


According to trial testimony, some of the similarities of the ransom notes and Strewl's handwriting sample were: There were no small A, G, F, and M's. Also, he misspelled the word "Racketters" in both the original and sample writing. He did misspell the word "Columm" wrong in the original but not his sample writing.

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First Shoot Out


Ran in the sporting circles of Saratoga, Albany, and Miami. Once was the sergeant of Arms of Legislature. Owned a Brewery in Troy. Did not carry a gun. However, he kept one by his front door. When alerted to his own attempted kidnapping he made inside and a shootout occurred on his front lawn. Who [...]

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August 2018

“Big Mack” Christy Miller, Gangster, Hangs Self.


Christy Miller commits suicide by hanging himself in Albany County Jail "Big Mack" Christy Miller was arrested in connection for the murder of John Dunlap in August 1936 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Later he was indicted under a "John Doe" warrant for participation in the O'Connell kidnapping. In 1937, federal authorities took over the [...]

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April 2018

Ransom Note Similarities


The trial experts noticed that both, the sample ransom note written by Strewl under police supervision (on the left below), and the original note (on the right) received by the family had no small:  A, G, F or M's. Also, the word Racketters was misspelled in both notes. In the original, they also spelled columm wrong but in my [...]

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February 2018

Who was Manny Strewl


Who was Manny Strewl alias Manny Strowl or Stroll? In brief, Strewl was a notorious Albany New York mobster along with his grade school friend, John Oley. Each dropped out of school in the sixth grade. The following are excerpts from FBI Files and newspaper articles Height: 5 foot 9 inches weighing 160 pounds with [...]

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December 2017

Was Strewl “Railroaded to Prison.”


Quiz Alert! Who thinks Manny Strewl was Innocent?         Quiz:  For those of you who are local to the Albany NY area and remember this crime scene take this fun quiz.  Manny Strewl was a gangster in the Albany NY area in the 1930's.  He was best know for his involvement in [...]

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