Who was Manny Strewl

Who was Manny Strewl alias Manny Strowl or Stroll?

In brief, Strewl was a notorious Albany New York mobster along with his grade school friend, John Oley.

Each dropped out of school in the sixth grade.

The following are excerpts from FBI Files and newspaper articles

Height: 5 foot 9 inches weighing 160 pounds with dark brown hair and eyes.

Nationality: Hebrew

Occupation: Bootlegger. Also credited along with John Oley with being the “Fingerman” (did the groundwork and provided logistics to the accomplices) for the Rensselaer County Bank robbery which occurred in May 1933.

Lived at 95 Elm Street, Albany with his mother and brother.

Arrest Record:

Manny Stroll (#15329) was sent to Atlanta Penitentiary January 26, 1923, from Schenectady for violation of Interstate Commerce Law (robbing the mail). Discharge November 01, 1926.

Manny Strole (#409) received from Colonie to South Albany. Charged with assault with intent to kill (Joey Green) April 4, 1928.

Manny Stroll #29443 received at Atlanta Penitentiary for impersonating A US Officer (Postal Official. Robbed a mail truck). Sentenced to a year and four months.

Detective Dolan scuffled/struck Strewl when he was invited Strewl to the police station for a talk, when Strewl made a “threatening move.” Dolan nor anyone else saw any bruises on Strewl at the time after the incident. The point of not being under arrest and only “invited” into the police station was fully explored during the trial.

Newsphoto showing the bruises Strewl received while in police custody

However while in the Albany County jail Strewl received his “lucky beating.” He was beaten so badly the bruises were visible ten days later according to Court documents. The reason for the beating or person responsible were never answered. However, the beating was one of many reasons Strewl was given a new trial. The Appeals ruled in part that a person would say anything to stop the beatings. The dark area ar under Stewl’s eye and cheek in this Times Union photo an are the remains of the bruising.

Strewl’s initial sentence was 58 years. Unlike the other kidnappers Strewl was not wanted on other charges during the trial….he was already in custody. His sentence was reduced to 28 years and paroled in 1958. He worked the docks in Orange County New Jersey. In the 1970’s he returned to Albany and married Ethel Miller. In 1998 he died at the age of 95 without having ever discussed the case.


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